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Overview of LiFi companies

More and more companies are investing in LiFi. LiFi is a high-speed wireless communication technology that uses visible light to transmit information. On this page, you can find an overview of LiFi companies. Some of these LiFi companies have already launched LiFi products and some are still working on developing them. The biggest LiFi companies are Signify, PureLiFi, Oledcomm and VLNComm.

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LiFi Companies

Light Fidelity (LiFi) continues to gain ground as an emerging technology capable of providing high speeds for the transmission of data. It is seen as a piece of modern technology that has high potential in terms of usage and applications. As such, it has garnered much attention from various sectors of society such as academics, automotive, everyday electronics, aviation, and even in aeronautics.

Even as many potential applications have been identified, its greater implementations have certainly not been easy. This is owing to the fact that there is simply no infrastructure yet capable of providing LiFi technology on a large enough scale for everyday use. However, that is soon to change as various key players from the tech industry have devoted many of their resources into the research and development of Visible Light Communications (VLC) and LiFi technology to fuel its advancement further and push it to reach greater heights never been reached before.

Here is a look at the top companies and organizations that have provided significant contributions to the development of LiFi technology and have been instrumental in advancing it further for greater awareness and improve its market presence.


PureLiFi is a company that was founded by some pioneers in the research of LiFi communication technology from the University of Edinburgh. It was founded in 2012 as pureVLC Ltd., a year after Prof. Harold Haas, one of its co-founders, presented LiFi technology at his TEDGlobal 2011 talk where he coined the term “LiFi”. It was rebranded as pureLiFi in 2014.

The company’s vision is to see the entire world connected to the internet through light – to have as many secure data networks as there are light bulbs. In order to achieve this vision, they are working on various pieces of technology that make use of LiFi technology to power innovation in the world of wireless communication. Part of their goal is to deliver technology that can provide secure, reliable, high-speed communication networks that cannot only resolve problems with interconnectivity due to diminishing wireless capacity but also reduce consumption of energy in the process.

Their latest innovation comes in the form of LiFi-XC – a plug-and-play system that can easily be used on any device that has a USB port to deliver a high-speed internet connection minus external network intrusion via light.

FireFly LiFi (LightPointe Communications)

FireFly Wireless Networks, LLC is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) and Infrared Light Communications (ILC) company jointly-owned by LightPointe Communications, Inc. based in San Diego, California, which is the world’s number one manufacturer of 60 GHz radios, 80 GHz radios, and Free Space Optics Solutions, Teleconnect GmbH of Dresden, a German-based telecommunications company, and Berg and Berg Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley venture capital firm. The company has recently come out from operating in “stealth mode” for 2 years to work on various innovations in VLC and has already received patents on some of their work.
Thanks to solid backing from its parent, FireFly has become one of the leading companies involved in VLC through its creation of a wide array of commercially-available LiFi products.


Oledcomm is a French telecommunications company that began its research into LiFi as early as 2005 at the University of Paris-Saclay. It created its first prototype of a LiFi system that can be used extensively in the automotive sector. And as a response to the overwhelming demand for various LiFi technologies, the company was founded in 2011. Since then, it has become a leader in the manufacture of LiFi network interface devices such as modems, LiFi dongles and bridges, and a LiFi Cloud SDK that is available both online and offline.
Oledcomm has their eye on the future as their team and ambition as a company continues to grow as they aim to promote more interconnectivity by transforming the 14 billion light points on the planet into a powerful and secure LiFi communication network.


Luciom was a French startup that was created in October 2012 by its 5 co-founders who wanted to make their mark in the world of Visible Light Communications. By pooling together their expertise in the field, they aimed to design, manufacture, and market solutions that made light communication possible. It was then a small company but their efforts were soon noticed by lighting giant Philips.
Philips’s acquisition of the French company and all eight of its employees at the end of 2016 aims to expand the Dutch behemoth’s operations into the world of networking and internet technology. This is a widely-anticipated acquisition as many expect that Philips will take LiFi to the next level and push it further into commercialization.


Velmenni is a New Delhi-based startup headed by current CEO Deepak Solanki in 2012. It was the first ever venture to explore the possibility of Visible Light Communications technology in India. It is focused on developing LiFi solutions that can transmit wireless data at extremely high speeds using visible light. Their team is working tirelessly in the achievement of that cause. It has successfully pioneered several research and development milestones within the field and is focusing more on the optimization of the connectivity to achieve high-speed communication without any interference.

Currently, the company successfully created a LiFi-based mesh network solution that allows the transmission of data across long distances. It is working with Airbus BizLab in with the hopes of integrating this piece of technology in the aviation industry through its various applications in ground, motion, and air – areas where the installation of optical cables is next to impossible.
At its core, Velmenni aims to create viable technology that can integrate seamlessly with current WiFi technology to create a robust, sustainable network in any setting. Its core vision is to build technology using science and research that can be applied in various environments, resulting in absolute global empowerment.

General Electric (GE)

Another giant in the world of illumination, GE’s history can be traced as far back as the late 1800s. Over the years since its establishment by Thomas Edison himself, GE has steadily pioneered innovations in the creation of light bulbs and has produced some of the world’s best lighting technologies. More recently, it has invested a considerable amount in putting those light bulbs to use in wireless communication as an answer to the overwhelming demand for high-speed data transmission.

As part of its efforts to diversify into the world of networking, GE has collaborated with Qualcomm Atheros, a well-established company in semiconductors and wireless technology, to create LiFi-enabled lighting systems that can revolutionize retail. This new system can be used by retail stores to pinpoint the locations of shoppers and then, with the use of mobile apps, personalize the in-store experience.

LVX System

LVX System is indeed a pioneer as they are considered to be the inventor of Visible Light Communication technology. They have been working on developing low-energy, high-output LED for more than 20 years, and have put that expertise to as innovators in high-speed light communication. They hold the very first patent given for VLC and have been the first to offer high-quality LED light that can securely stream data on a high-speed channel.

Their services not only seek to provide high-speed data transmission but also provide the best form of overhead illumination available. Part of their mission to provide LiFi technology to the public is the installation of infrastructure that will be used to deliver such technologies to various parts of human society.

As an established entity in VLC technology, LVX System successfully entered into a deal with the National Aeronautic Space Administration (NASA) under a Space Act Agreement in 2015 to research and develop applications of the company’s LiFi technology in aeronautics. The results of the study into the applications of the technology will be used on future NASA missions, including those that will enter into deep space.


Another tech giant that has forayed into providing VLC technology is Panasonic. The company was formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and was a producer of light bulb sockets. It has considerably grown into an electronics powerhouse and one of the largest Japanese electronics companies.

It has recently unveiled one of its VLC technologies, which they call LinkRay technology, which is able to deliver mobile content through the use of transceivers installed on mobile phones to interpret data sent from LED transmitters. Through light, users are able to receive data from a distance free from interference. This piece of technology is designed to enrich people’s experiences in various sectors such as tourism, transportation, and retail.

Even as many companies have worked on, and continue to work on, creating innovations and developing LiFi technology, many view the progress as slow owing to the fact that most of the work done has been through collaborations with other organizations – and to their benefit. But even if that is the case, these results can be seen as steady progress – the first few steps in the achievement of the greater goal, which is to create an interconnected world through networks that are as many as there are light bulbs.

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