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For over 20 years, Consolite Technology has been a leader in Naval lighting, and for over 40 years in aircraft lighting. With a rich history of developing defense standards, contributing to aviation technologies, and participating in Naval flight trials, Consolite has always been committed to meeting the needs of end users.

Building on this experience, Consolite has identified the many benefits of LiFi technology in improving communication on board Naval ships. LiFi can enable better voice and video communication, geo-location, data access, dynamic training, and crew entertainment, all while providing secure and high data rates.

By leveraging its expertise in Naval build standards and end user needs, Consolite’s LiFi technology can make Naval crews more efficient in handling large volumes of data and communicating securely. This technology can also help Consolite retain new recruits by providing them with an advanced communication technology that surpasses their civilian experiences.

Overall, Consolite Technology is dedicated to providing advanced solutions that improve the end user experience in both Naval and aircraft settings.

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