ZERO1 is a technology company. With a team of passionate LiFi and OCC (optical camera communication) experts, they create, design and deploy personalized, modular or 100% integrated solutions. ZERO1 is currently present in Europe and Dubai and will soon be active in the United States and Singapore.

ZERO1 is working on ground-breaking technology that has the potential to completely disrupt current communication systems. LIFI, which stands for Light Fidelity, is one of the new light communication technologies that allows the exchange of information through light. It uses the visible spectrum.

Too much information flows through high-frequency wireless radio technologies. The bandwidth of the HTZ network is congested. It will become less secure and slower. Geolocation and indoor mapping with great precision, (like Google) currently does for outdoors, is not available with current technologies.

A distinction is made between unidirectional technology (OCC = Optical Camera Communication), where the LEDs send a signal which is interpreted by the receiver (e.g. mobile phone), and bidirectional technology (LiFi) where the lamp and the receiver interact by sending and receiving information (e.g. internet by light).

ZERO1 is the only company in the world that has developed functioning hardware (HALO TM) and software solutions (FOCCAL TM and OCCDATAWARE) to provide OCC solutions with live applications available on all major smartphones. HALO is a shelve product, Our solutions are already deployed in real situations.

Looking at the market for location-based services, the challenge for the coming years is to provide ultra-precise location information services in indoor environments. Applications for one-way technology include “Ultra-precise geo-mapping” to confirm whether a user is under a specific light at a given time, a visualization of pedestrian traffic resulting in applications for Airports, Museums, Hospitals, Railway Stations, Shopping Centers, industrial facilities. This provides customers with directions to their area of ​​interest using their smartphones. Contrary to competing technology solutions, any smartphone, (as long as it has a camera), can decrypt the signal, (NO DONGLE , NO ACCESSORIES are needed) allowing a mass adoption from the final users.

ZERO1 has developed its own hardware and software which makes it fully independent from any other providers. The hardware is produced in France. ZERO1 owns 9 patents and is the creator of OCC, which has become the international standard. OCC is IEEE certified.

The business acceleration phase of ZERO1 is now on. The past few years, ZERO1 has achieved big milestones, especially in Italy and Dubai. The highly innovative company is engaged in strategic development partnerships and plans to open subsidiaries in Asia and the USA within the next 2 years. ZERO1 has recently announced that they will be launching two new products in 2021.

ZERO1 is part of the Light Communications Alliance.

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