LiFi: Wireless data from every light bulb

LiFi is the answer to our digital future

Maybe you’ve heard about LiFi and its revolutionary speeds up to 1000 times faster than WiFi, the current wireless Internet technology standard, but what is LiFi exactly? How can we use it? Will LiFi replace WiFi? is here to help you understand how LiFi is likely to transform our digital world.

LiFi is a revolutionary technology

LiFi (or Li-Fi) is a fairly new technology. With LiFi, LED light bulbs are used to send data via light. LiFi is an abbreviation of “Light Fidelity”, a term first coined by Harald Haas, a German Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh. LiFi was first publicly introduced during the TED Global talk in 2011. Like WiFi, LiFi can send data bilaterally and wirelessly connect electronic devices like phones, tablets and laptops with the internet.

Benefits of LiFi

Fast & stable

LiFi can be up to 1000 times faster than WiFi. This high speed and extremely stable internet is necessary for our transforming world.

More secure

Shared and often overloaded broadband networks have a lot of security issues. LiFi allows us to shut the door on our wireless data.


LiFi technology is cost-effective, low-maintenance and can be integrated into exisiting LED lighting infrastructure.

Latest LiFi news

Oledcomm launches LiFiMAX®

At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Oledcomm announced LiFiMAX, a low-profile ceiling lamp. LiFiMax is an optical wireless communication system that offers an internet connection over light waves to up to 16 users simultaneously at a peak speed of 100Mbps. Oledcomm...

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