LumEfficient is a tech company that was founded in 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The company began as a seller of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) lights by LUXIM. This form of lighting uses plasma to produce light and has no moving parts. They contain the full spectrum of light and are capable of high energy outputs at low inputs.
But as LED technology became more efficient and reliable over LEPs, LumEfficient eventually switched out their LUXIM brand of LEP lighting products with LED luminaires under the Resilient brand.

Now, it has become a leader in industrial LED lighting with luminaire fixtures installed in India, Russia, Thailand, Germany, the UK, and the US. LumEfficient has also begun work on transforming its luminaires into LiFi providers with its offering of the LF-V-13-WF tabletop LiFi lamp and the LiFi Ores, a fixed overhead LiFi access point.

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