To Be is an innovative SME founded in Italy in 2016 to develop Li-Fi applied solutions. The company combines third-party hardware with proprietary software and service solutions in order to guarantee to its customer the best performing Li-Fi solutions available on the market. In particular, To Be developed 3 different solutions: LiFi Geolocation is an indoor-positioning and indoor-navigation system, allowing to define the position of a user with extreme accuracy using modulated LED light; LiFi Streaming is a system allowing fast, safe and sustainable connectivity through light; and LiFi Point to Point is a system allowing data transmission over long distances.

To Be’s most successful solution is LiFi Geolocation. With a marginal error of 10 cm, LiFi G is the most accurate indoor positioning system available on the market, allowing to deliver services of indoor navigation, proximity market, data analytics and accessibility, while being sustainable, as it incentives the use of last-generation LED lights and includes a DALI system allowing to adapt light to actual lighting needs. Thus, the system consists of a LED lighting infrastructure and an App, allowing smartphones and tablets to receive data through their cameras, and it was implemented in more than 15 museum in Italy, as well as in hospitals and retail stores.

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