How PureLiFi Started the LiFi Revolution

Jun 24, 2022

Thanks to PureLiFi, The LiFi Revolution Began

Imagine a world where every light could transmit data. All you have to do is flick the lights on, and your phone, tablet, laptop, watch, and even home appliances will be automatically connected online. When you go outside or are driving your car, you can go online by simply getting data from the nearest light post. Internet connection & speed will never be an issue whether you’re at home, in a hospital basement, on a remote training field, or in the air on a plane. That’s the world PureLiFi aims to create—and the company got a strong start.


It all started at a university.

The beginnings of PureLifi as a company can be traced back to Professor Harald Haas. His pioneering research into LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology at the University of Edinburgh has been in development since 2008. His main research interests include optical wireless communications, spatial modulation, and hybrid optical wireless & RF communications.

Professor Haas first introduced and coined LiFi—a wireless optical networking technology that relies on light-emitting diodes (LED) for data transmission. The idea has always been to transmit wireless data to and from every light bulb to ease the pressure on WiFi and other wireless network connections to meet the world’s growing demand for data and the internet.

In 2011, TIME Magazine listed LiFi as one of the 50 best inventions of the year. Professor Haas was invited to speak at TED Global that same year. His talk titled “Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb” has taken the virtual world by storm—the video of his talk has racked up millions of views online. That talk and the interest it garnered in 2011 alone was one of the factors that ignited Professor Haas to establish a company to realize his LiFi visions.

With Dr. Mostafa Agani, Professor Haas founded PureLiFi (formerly known as PureVLC)  in 2012. Since then, the company has led the charge to bring LiFi to the world.


PureLiFi has been hitting milestones all decade long.

The partnership of Professor Haas & Dr. Afgani has been fruitful. While Professor Haas has led the scientific side of LiFi development, Dr. Afgani has handled the engineering. Together, they have delivered several world firsts for LiFi. Here are some of the duo’s milestones:

  • In September 2013, PureVLC launched the first commercial LiFi product called Li-1st.
  • PureVLC rebranded as PureLiFi in 2014 and launched the first mobile LiFi product named Li-Flame in the same year.
  • In March 2016, PureLiFi introduced LiFi-X. It’s the first high-speed LiFi dongle, making LiFi easier to use for consumers.
  • In September 2016, PureLiFi partnered with Lucibel to create the world’s first integrated luminaire.
  • PureLiFi garnered recognition at the Mobile World Congress and IOP Business Innovation Awards in 2017. In the same year, the company launched LiFi-XC—a better dongle that promises to deliver uplink and downlink speeds of up to 42 Mbps.
  • In November 2018, the pioneer LiFi company introduced the second generation of Lucibel LiFi-integrated lighting.
  • A year after, PureLiFi demonstrated the Gigabit LiFi at Mobile World Congress 2019. It’s a revolutionary system that can transmit wireless LiFi data of up to 1 Gbps.
  • In 2021, the company launched Kitefin and announced the world’s first large-scale deployment of LiFi technology.

Professor Haas, Dr. Afgani, and the rest of the PureLiFi team continue to lead the future of LiFi-technology development. They don’t stop improving their products and developing the technology further. As such, the world can expect more revolutionary LiFi products and components from their company in the coming years. They also inspire other LiFi companies to join the revolution and start their R&D to enhance LiFi technology for global consumption. Through all this, PureLifi stays true to its promise—and that’s to bring LiFi to the world.


PureLiFi has refined LiFi to deliver unparalleled benefits.

PureLiFi and LiFi technology have come a long way since 2008. Today, consumers can enjoy the benefits of LiFi through products that are easy to use and very accessible. Be part of the LiFi revolution, and you’ll have a chance to experience what this technology can offer:

  • Fast and stable connection: LiFi can be up to a thousand times faster than WiFi. This ultra-fast speed & extremely stable internet is necessary as the world hastily goes all-digital.
  • More secure data: Shared and often overloaded broadband & WiFi networks are at risk of security issues. With shorter signals that can’t pass through walls, LiFi reduces instances of data breaches and other cybersecurity issues.
  • Cost-effective option: LiFi products are cost-effective & low-maintenance. They can easily be integrated into your home or office’s LED lighting infrastructure.
  • Available connection: In WiFi dead spots, LiFi delivers. LiFi can benefit homes, offices, schools, hospitals, airplanes, and other environments without access to radio frequencies or often have bandwidth issues.


Experience LiFi Through PureLiFi’s products.

Ready to join the LiFi revolution? Here are some PureLiFi products you can buy today:


LiFi-XC is the successor of the first LiFi dongle, the LiFi-X. The LiFi-XC can deliver uplink & downlink speeds at a maximum of 42 Mbps. Compared to its predecessor, LiFi-XC is more powerful in providing secure, bidirectional & fully-networked communications. It is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux. Plus, it’s three times smaller than its predecessor, making it easy to bring anywhere.


Does your home use a single WiFi network? It can only handle so much, especially if the mom and dad are working from home and the children’s tablets & smartphones are always online. If you want to boost your household’s bandwidth, consider LiFi@Home.

LiFi@Home is the world’s first LiFi ecosystem for homes. At the center of the ecosystem is an intuitive downlighter. The downlighter is the LiFi access point that utilizes invisible infrared light to keep your family’s laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, AR/VR headsets, and other home devices online. It can ease the pressure on your WiFi network to meet your data demands.

LiFi@Home doesn’t only work as a backup. Since LiFi can be faster, more secure, and more stable than WiFi, it can meet or even surpass your family’s growing need for internet speed.


Kitefin is the first mission-deployable LiFi designed for tactical & office environments. It requires no radio frequencies, is cyber-secure, and is rapidly deployable. In field trials, Kitefin was up and running in tens of minutes compared to the hours needed to establish Ethernet-based comms. It’s also quicker to take down when you need to move out quickly.

Designed for the field, Kitefin’s tactical access points are water-resistant & ruggedized for rapid deployment in the harshest environments. It’s also ready for office or any headquarters installation. You can install Kitefin’s office access points in place of existing lighting systems.


Buy PureLiFi products today.

“Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb” is no longer just an idea. It’s no longer just a TED Talk of a scientist & professor from the University of Edinburgh. It can now be your reality.

By purchasing PureLiFi’s products today, you can experience what this revolutionary technology can offer. You can make your daily virtual connections better, more secure, and faster! And you’ll be one of the pioneer consumers to use LiFi—you can help companies like PureLiFi further refine their technology. Browse our LiFi Products page to get started.

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