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The LiFi@Home product is currently not available for purchase directly through If you're interested in exploring LiFi technology for your home, we recommend checking out the LiFiMAX Compact as an alternative. The LiFiMAX Compact offers a compact and powerful solution for integrating LiFi into your living or working spaces, providing high-speed, secure internet access through light. For more information on LiFiMAX Compact and how it can fit into your setup, visit the product page here: LiFiMAX Compact.


Your home’s single WiFi network can only handle so much. It’s time to boost your household’s bandwidth with LiFi@Home—the world’s first LiFi ecosystem for the home.


LiFi@Home Offers a Solution to Households’ Need for Speed

In most households, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, CCTV systems, and other devices connect only to a single WiFi network. The bandwidth is split, and response times often slow down for everyone. That’s especially true if the mom & dad are working from home, the children’s devices are always online, and all the smart appliances are in use.

The LiFi@Home is introduced by pureLiFi to address the issue of household connectivity. At the center of LiFi@Home’s ecosystem is a downlighter. It’s a LiFi access point that uses invisible infrared light to keep your smartphones, smart TVs, and other home devices online. As the WiFi network struggles, your family can turn to LiFi@Home to stay connected. With a phone or TV connected to LiFi, you can go online without competing for WiFi bandwidth.

Moreover, it doesn’t only work as a backup. LiFi@Home also offers a practical solution to your household’s growing need for speed since LiFi can be faster and more reliable than WiFi.


The LiFi@Home Ecosystem

  1. Downlighter: It is a LiFi access point that can fit into your ceiling’s existing holes. It’s activated by a power line communication network backhaul that uses your home’s existing electrical cabling. It uses invisible infrared light, so it works even in the dark.
  2. AR/VR Headset: Get the best experience when gaming or hanging out in the metaverse with a LiFi-enabled AR/VR headset. With LiFi’s consistently high bandwidth and low jitter & latency, you can unleash the real power of AR/VR.
  3. Smart TV: Does your WiFi slow down whenever you stream videos on TV? Video streaming is arguably the most taxing task for any home’s WiFi network. Offload that task from WiFi to LiFi through LiFi@Home. It’ll be easier & faster to stream or cast your favorite Netflix series or YouTube videos when you switch to a LiFi connection.
  4. Smartphone: Today’s smartphones have 802.11 WiFi basebands. That means it’s also easy to integrate LiFi into any modern smartphone system structure. Whether you own an iPhone or Android phone, you can connect online using LiFi@Home.

With these sample implementations, LiFi@Home shows its ecosystem can bring the unparalleled benefits of LiFi to almost all kinds of smart devices available today.


Why Buy LiFi@Home?

  • Installation is simple—it’s as easy as changing a lightbulb. The downlighter fits the standard holes in the ceiling and connects directly to the available wiring there. There’s no need for drilling, cabling, or patching. It’s simple, fast, and hassle-free.
  • You can enjoy an expandable network. You can start with one LiFi access point in your home office or entertainment room to offload video streaming or any other bandwidth-hungry device from WiFi to LiFi. Then, as your needs grow, you can expand your LiFi network from room to room.
  • LiFi makes your WiFi connections better and faster. As you offload high-bandwidth activities from WiFi to LiFi, any devices left on your home’s WiFi network will have a better & faster connection than they did before.

You can enjoy enhanced privacy & security. Since LiFi uses light instead of radio waves to transmit data, it can’t pass through the walls as WiFi does. LiFi can’t be easily hacked, so it enhances your family’s online privacy and security.


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