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Unlock next-level speed and ironclad security with the premier LiFi solution from Germany’s top LiFi innovator, aeroLiFi. Seize this exclusive opportunity—only 25 units available for pre-order. Secure your digital world today.

Pre-order now with just a $199 deposit. The remaining $970 is due when the product ships. Your deposit is fully refundable, ensuring a risk-free commitment.

$1550     $970
(after $199 deposit)

Why You Need The aeroLiFi Starter Kit

High Speeds & Low Latency

Experience ultra-fast internet with the latest technology. Perfect for everything from streaming high-definition videos to participating in competitive online gaming, this product minimizes delays to deliver a seamless, instantaneous connection.

Enhanced Security

Secure your digital communications with technology that ensures complete privacy. This device uses light to transmit data, which cannot penetrate walls, protecting your information from external threats and eavesdropping.

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze with this plug-and-play solution. Simply mount the Access Point on the ceiling and connect the Dongle to your device. Enjoy hassle-free setup with no technical expertise required—just plug in, and you’re connected!

Health Benefits

LiFi technology is a game-changer for those sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. With no radio waves involved, it provides a healthier alternative to traditional Wi-Fi, perfect for both homes and workplaces.

Minimal Interference

Say goodbye to dropped connections and interference from other electronic devices. This innovative solution operates using light, ensuring a stable and consistent connection without interference from common RF devices.

Appealing & Compact Design

This product features a sleek, compact design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Available in customizable colors, the design ensures that functionality meets style, enhancing your space aesthetically while delivering top-notch performance.


Adaptable and flexible, this product is designed to meet the demands of any environment, supporting multiple users simultaneously. Whether for home, office, or public spaces, it ensures everyone stays connected with top-tier performance.


The aeroLiFi Starter Kit supports all major operating systems—Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux—making it a versatile choice for all your devices. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or even different devices interchangeably, this system ensures compatibility without any hassle.

Where Speed Meets Security

Enter a new era of internet connectivity with the aeroLiFi Starter Kit, where speed meets unprecedented security in the palm of your hand.

Designed for the discerning user, the long-awaited aeroLiFi Starter Kit harnesses the power of light to deliver data at breakneck speeds, while ensuring that your digital world is locked away from external threats. Imagine downloading your favorite content in seconds, not minutes, all within a secure bubble that external signals can’t penetrate.

With aeroLiFi Starter Kit, your home or office becomes a fortress of digital privacy, where connectivity is both a luxury and a safeguard.

Benefits of Pre-Ordering Now

Limited Availability

Secure your exclusive access to cutting-edge technology with only 25 units available for pre-order. Act fast to ensure you don’t miss out on being among the first to revolutionize your connectivity experience.

Exclusive Savings

Take advantage of a significant pre-order discount available only for early adopters. It’s the perfect opportunity to save while upgrading to the superior performance of the aeroLiFi Starter Kit.

Zero Risk Commitment

With just a $199 deposit, you can reserve your aeroLiFi Starter Kit risk-free. This deposit is fully refundable, providing you with a no-risk way to guarantee your spot in the forefront of internet technology.

Experience The Future of Connectivity

Experience unmatched simplicity and speed with aeroLiFi Starter Kit. As soon as you unbox and connect your device, step into a world of hyper-speed internet that’s not just fast—it’s instant.

Whether streaming in ultra-high definition or connecting via zero-lag video calls, aeroLiFi Starter Kit transforms your digital interactions, making every online experience smoother and more enjoyable.

This hassle-free setup, combined with universal compatibility, ensures that your transition to high-speed LiFi is as effortless as it is revolutionary, enhancing both your productivity and leisure time.

Understanding the Pre-Order Process

Step into the Future with aeroLiFi Starter Kit

Secure your spot in the world of advanced connectivity with our straightforward pre-order process. By placing a $199 refundable deposit, you guarantee yourself the aeroLiFi Starter Kit at a discounted pre-order price of $1169, significantly lower than the retail price of $1550.

Your Commitment, Our Guarantee

The $199 deposit is fully refundable, ensuring you can step back if you decide against it, no questions asked. When ready to ship, you only pay the remaining $970. Your initial deposit is directly deducted from the total, simplifying your final payment.

Unlock Exceptional Value

Pre-order today to not only secure your aeroLiFi Starter Kit but also enjoy substantial savings. By joining early, you lock in a savings of $381 off the regular price, a reward for your early commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Elevate Your Space and Connectivity with the aeroLiFi Starter Kit

With the aeroLiFi Starter Kit, performance merges seamlessly with elegance. Its sleek, compact design not only complements your decor but enhances it, effortlessly integrating technology with style.

This system supports all major operating systems—Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux—ensuring that every device in your home or office connects without hassle.

More than just a speed upgrade, the aeroLiFi Starter Kit enriches your entire lifestyle, transforming your living and working environments into hubs of efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the aeroLiFi Starter Kit pre-order process work?

Placing Your Deposit: Start by placing a $199 refundable deposit to secure your pre-order of the aeroLiFi Starter Kit at the discounted price of $1169, which is $381 less than the retail price of $1550.

Refund Policy: The deposit is 100% refundable, giving you the flexibility to change your mind at any time before the product ships. If you choose to proceed, the deposit counts towards the total price, reducing the remaining balance to $970.

Final Payment and Savings: When the aeroLiFi Starter Kit is ready to ship, you’ll be notified to pay the remaining $970. Completing this payment finalizes your purchase, ensuring that you benefit from the exclusive pre-order savings while securing your access to this cutting-edge technology.

What are the benefits of LiFi technology?
LiFi technology stands out for its exceptionally high-speed and secure connectivity, achieving data transfer speeds up to 100 Mbps for both downloads and uploads. Unlike traditional WiFi, which uses radio waves, LiFi uses visible light to communicate, minimizing interference and enhancing connection reliability. It features ultra-low latency, ideal for users needing real-time responsiveness, such as gamers and professionals. Additionally, its secure, jamming-resistant transmission ensures data protection. LiFi is also beneficial in EMF-sensitive environments since it does not emit radio waves.
What is included in the aeroLiFi Starter Kit package?
Each aeroLiFi Starter Kit comes fully equipped to set up your advanced LiFi network. It includes one LiFi Access Point and one LiFi Dongle with a USB cable for easy connection to your devices. To ensure connectivity, the package also contains one Ethernet Cable and a 5-port PoE+ Switch to power multiple devices simultaneously. This comprehensive kit provides everything needed to start enjoying fast, secure, and reliable LiFi technology right out of the box.
How does the aeroLiFi Starter Kit system work?

The aeroLiFi Starter Kit system utilizes advanced LiFi technology to provide secure and high-speed internet through light. Here’s a breakdown of the setup and operation:

  • Access Point Installation: The aeroLiFi Access Point is mounted on the ceiling to optimize the area of coverage. It features a 70° opening angle and can effectively cover a 3-meter diameter area at desk height, which is ideal for settings such as offices. For proper installation, the Access Point requires a PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) Switch, which is placed between the router and the Access Point. This arrangement ensures that the Access Point is powered and connected to your network efficiently. The Access Point connects to your existing modem via an Ethernet cable, using infrared light to transmit data securely and quickly.
  • Dongle Connection: To connect to the internet, devices need an aeroLiFi Dongle, which plugs into the USB port of laptops, PCs, tablets, or smartphones. This dongle receives the infrared light signals from the Access Point, allowing these devices to access the LiFi network.
  • Secure and Efficient Operation: The system provides a data rate of up to 100 Mbps. Designed to minimize interference and network penetration risks, the aeroLiFi Starter Kit ensures a reliable and secure connection within its coverage area, perfect for environments where Wi-Fi might face limitations.

This setup not only offers enhanced security due to the contained nature of light but also provides a straightforward, plug-and-play solution for fast and efficient internet access, with the inclusion of a PoE+ Switch ensuring easy setup and optimal functionality of the Access Point.

When will the aeroLiFi Starter Kit be ready for shipping?
The aeroLiFi Starter Kit is scheduled to start shipping in the middle of June. We are excited for you to experience the cutting-edge features of this product and appreciate your patience as we prepare for its release. You will receive a notification as soon as it is ready to be dispatched.
Can I replace my current internet provider with the aeroLiFi Starter Kit?
No, the aeroLiFi Starter Kit does not replace your existing internet provider. It is designed to enhance your current internet setup by acting as an advanced wireless access point using LiFi technology. You’ll need to connect the aeroLiFi Starter Kit to a modem provided by your ISP to access the internet. While it provides fast and secure connectivity within its coverage area, you will still require your existing internet service to fully utilize the capabilities of the aeroLiFi Starter Kit.
Does the aeroLiFi Starter Kit require any software updates or maintenance?
No, the aeroLiFi Starter Kit does not require regular software updates or maintenance. Once set up, it operates autonomously, offering a hassle-free experience without the need for manual intervention. Unlike some traditional wireless systems that need periodic firmware updates, the aeroLiFi Starter Kit is designed for reliability and security, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity without the burden of constant upkeep. This makes it a user-friendly option for those seeking a robust internet solution.
What are the technical specifications of the aeroLiFi Starter Kit?

The aeroLiFi Starter Kit system comprises two key components: the Access Point and the Dongle. The Access Point, utilizing infrared technology for secure communication, measures 152 mm in diameter and 42 mm in height, weighing 400g. It supports up to 16 users, offers a data rate of 100 Mbps, and has a low power consumption of under 8W. The Dongle, designed for fast and secure data transmission free from RF interference, connects via a USB 3.0 type C interface and is equally efficient with a power usage of under 3W.

Is it easy to set up the aeroLiFi Starter Kit?

Yes, setting up the aeroLiFi Starter Kit is incredibly simple with its plug-and-play design. Start by connecting the Access Point, equipped with an integrated photonic antenna, to your modem. It is important to note that the Access Point requires a PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) Switch, which should be placed between the router and the Access Point to ensure it is powered properly. After setting up the PoE+ Switch, mount the Access Point on your ceiling for optimal coverage. Then, plug the aeroLiFi dongle into the USB port of your device to link with the LiFi network, enabling access to high-speed internet. The setup is quick and straightforward, allowing you to enjoy your new system in just minutes.

Join the LiFi Revolution

Dive into the future of internet connectivity with the aeroLiFi Starter Kit, the most affordable LiFi solution ever released.

This limited-time pre-order offer is your gateway to experiencing unprecedented speed, security, and simplicity. Tailored for both businesses and consumers, the aeroLiFi Starter Kit offers exceptional value in digital connectivity.

With only 25 units available, this exclusive opportunity places you at the cutting edge of technology. Act now to secure your spot and join us in pioneering a brighter, faster, and safer digital era.

Demand is high and spots are filling fast—don’t miss your chance to transform how you connect with the world.

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