MyLiFi Pro Bidirectional Desk Lamp

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The MyLiFi® Pro Bidirectional Desk Lamp offers upgraded features from its predecessor, the Bidirectional Desk Lamp. This upgraded desk lamp offers a sleek, elegant design that not only makes a chic addition to your home or office but also greater illumination and high-speed internet connectivity, boasting up to 23 Mbps download speeds.

The MyLiFi® also offers a high-quality LED lamp that provides ample lighting to any room. It also comes with a dimming feature that allows you to alter the intensity of light given off as well as control the temperature its temperature, which can be used to exude any ambiance you want.

The features offered by the MyLiFi® Pro Bidirectional Desk Lamp include:

  • Downlink connections of up to 23 Mbps
  • Greater control using the MyLiFi® app for the adjustment of lamp and user access controls, among other features.
  • Nominal 13W illumination
  • 2500 to 6500K light intensities
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and MAC-based systems with type A and C USB port

Product created by Oledcomm.

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