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The GEOLiFi® LED Tube comes equipped with OLEDCOMM’s GEOLiFi® technology capable of transforming your LED lighting network into a fast and reliable indoor positioning system. This Indoor Positioning System provides highly accurate positioning data for each user and is capable of transmitting, as well as receiving, data in real-time.

The GEOLiFi® LED Tube Indoor Positioning System has a variety of applications, which include retail, museums, and warehouses, among others.

Other technical specifications include:

  • Comes in 3000K and 4000K capacity for each light bulb.
  • Each bulb has a luminous efficacy of 120 lm/W
  • Has illumination of 10 to 30W
  • Contains G5 and G8 connectors for easy installation.
  • Compliant with Android and iOS systems

Product created by Oledcomm.

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