LiFi Price: How Much Does LiFi Cost Today?

Jan 14, 2022

Have you ever heard of a desk lamp that allows you to browse online on your laptop? How about a streetlight that can transmit traffic information to your phone? Or what about gallery lighting that can connect to your phone to send you more details about an artwork?

All these things are possible with LiFi. It’s a visible light communications (VLC) system that utilizes LEDs to transmit data. Many companies have been developing LiFi, and they predict that it can be faster and more secure than WiFi and other internet connections.

Another good news is you can try LiFi as early as now. Some companies have already launched their LiFi products, allowing consumers to explore the multiple benefits of this revolutionary technology. But how much does it cost? Is the current LiFi price reasonable?

Let’s Talk About Today’s LiFi Price and Products

From desk lamps to plug-and-play dongles, LiFi products are available in today’s market.

One example is Ellipz Desk Lamp, a state-of-the-art lamp that provides efficient connectivity and perfect illumination. It comes with an Ellipz dongle, and it boasts a speed of about 300Mbps. It’s a great alternative to your WiFi connection at home or work. Plus, with a sleek design, it’ll blend into your modern home design. You can buy it today for €1999 ($2200).

If you’re looking for the most affordable LiFi product on the market today, try the LiFiMAX kit. It’s a plug-and-play system that delivers a super fast and reliable internet connection to a maximum of 16 simultaneous users, making it perfect for any home or office environment.

LiFiMAX is easy to set up. You can quickly install the access point on any ceiling. Then, connect the plug-and-play dongle to your laptop to start enjoying the high-speed internet. It’s best to have in dead spots, like hospitals, basements, and aircraft cabins.

Priced at $1098, LiFiMAX is a great purchase even if you don’t have a dead zone at home or in your office. Its speed is around 100Mbps, and it’s compatible with almost any device, including Windows and Mac laptops. It’s a significant upgrade over current WiFi systems.

As mentioned, many companies are currently developing or improving their LiFi products. So as years go by, you can expect more incredible (and even more affordable) LiFi devices from companies like OledComm, Ellipz LiFi, and PureLifi. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to try LiFi now.

Is LiFi Cheaper Than WiFi?

In a sense, yes. The upfront cost of LiFi may be a bit steep, but it offers significant savings in the long run. With LiFi, you can ditch your monthly WiFi bills. And since LiFi can be integrated into any existing LED lighting fixture or infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about huge additional costs on your energy bills. Moreover, it’s a low-maintenance device.

Ultimately, the end goal of the developers and manufacturers is to have LiFi in every mobile device by maximizing existing lighting infrastructures, like street lights, headlights, gallery lighting, and more. The possible LiFi applications are endless and truly fascinating. When that happens, you’ll likely see minimal or no cost associated with LiFi. More importantly, the world will finally have an answer to the looming digital spectrum crunch. With WiFi, cellular, and LiFi available, the supply will finally catch up with the increasing demand for the internet.

Experience Life with LiFi Today

Again, as early as now, you can enjoy the many advantages of LiFi. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of using this revolutionary technology that is poised to dominate the wireless communication industry in just five or ten years. Buy LiFi products now.

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