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Oledcomm offers consumers with a significant upgrade over current WiFi systems with the LiFiMAX®. This optical wireless communication system can accommodate up to 16 users simultaneously and provide its users with high-speed connectivity that does not rely on radio waves. It promises to provide a highly-secure connection and network access using just visible light.

LiFiMAX® systems can be easily set up. Its access point can be easily fixed on any ceiling, whether in your home office, co-working space, or office conference room. Simply install the plug-and-play LiFiMAX® dongle on your device and start enjoying high-speed data connectivity.


LiFiMAX® features:

  • Fast and secure connectivity free from radio waves.
  • Easily installed on any room.
  • Guaranteed fast data transfer with 100 Mbps downlink.
  • Compatible with any device with a Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS operating system and a type A and C USB port.
  • Can provide access to up to 16 users simultaneously.

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