What Exactly Are the Benefits of LiFi?

Sep 21, 2021

Imagine coming home after a busy day. You immediately go down to the basement to watch your favorite Netflix series in your DIY home theater. It’s usually a wireless dead spot. Still, there’s no need to worry. All you need to do is switch the light on, and you can have internet.

That sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie, but that wireless technology already exists. It’s called LiFi, which stands for Light Fidelity. It’s a visible light communication (VLC) system that carries digital signals through light, keeping your devices connected even in dead spots.


LiFi Can Help Save the World from Spectrum Crunch

These days, we can’t imagine life without internet connectivity. Both cellular and WiFi technologies utilize radio frequencies to transmit data to devices like phones and laptops. The radio spectrum, however, is a finite resource. There will come a time that the demand for data outgrows the supply. That’s possible since we now almost do everything online.

Tech experts name the possibility of losing connection due to overwhelming demand as a spectrum crunch. New wireless technologies are needed to prevent spectrum crunch. Thanks to a handful of LiFi companies, LiFi is constantly being developed to keep us all connected. Since LiFi is a VLC system, it can be faster and more secure than WiFi. It is also more than just another option for wireless internet—it fills the gap that WiFi and other wireless technologies can’t cover. LiFi works in aircraft cabins, hospitals, and rural areas.


The Multiple Advantages of LiFi Technology

Apart from saving the world from the dreaded spectrum crunch, LiFi offers multiple advantages. That’s especially true if you look at it from a LiFi vs. WiFi perspective.

Revolutionary speed

Digital signals carried by light are way faster than those transmitted via radio waves used in WiFi connections. Some companies have tested LiFi, and they’ve projected it to be up to 1000 times faster than WiFi. To paint a clearer picture, LiFi can transmit 224GB of data per second. At that rate, you can download a high-definition video in just a matter of seconds.

Top-notch efficiency

LiFi uses a LED light bulb as a medium to transmit data to and from a device. It’s no secrete that LED light bulbs are energy-efficient. With LiFi, they can serve another purpose, making them more efficient. Plus, with the use of LiFi, you can save energy costs as you no longer need routers, signal repeaters, and wave amplifiers that are plugged into power all day long.

Better security

Radio waves can pass through walls, so people outside your WiFi network can intercept them. The opposite happens with LiFi. Light bounces off the walls and surfaces. Data transmitted through LiFi is secured in an enclosed space. You can then use WiFi in common areas and designate LiFi networks in spaces where vulnerable devices are connected.

Enhanced availability

With LiFi, you can connect to the internet as long as there’s a LED light source. For now, the technology is available through LED light bulbs and desk lamps. But in the future, it’ll be possible to use street and building lights to go online and stay connected wherever you are.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to using LiFi. For one, it has a limited range. Its inability to penetrate through walls is a good thing for security. But this limits its scope, especially in wide, open spaces. You need to strategically place the access point in large halls or office spaces. Another disadvantage is its limited compatibility. Only a few devices can work with LiFi as most are equipped with hardware for WiFi and cellular connections. There’s still time to address these disadvantages. LiFi is a new wireless technology, after all.


Explore Life with LiFi

As early as now, you can explore life with LiFi. Many companies have already launched their LiFi products, letting consumers experience the multiple benefits of LiFi technology. If you have dead spots at home or in your office, install LiFi technology. The same goes if you want to boost your connectivity speed or security. But even if speeds and dead zones aren’t a problem, give it a try. LiFi can revolutionize the way you access data today and in the future.

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