The Institute of Physics (IOP) Puts LiFi at the Forefront of New Accelerator Center Launch

May 12, 2019

The Institute of Physics (IOP), the premier organization and scientific charity that is dedicated to advancing education, research, and application of physics. Established in 1874, the organization offers its employees guidance on their career and professional development and gives Chartered Physicist and Chartered Engineer career qualifications as nominated organ of the Engineering Board. IOP Publishing, the institute’s publishing company, releases over 70 academic journals and magazines.

A Partnership With pureLiFi

In its latest showcase, IOP, in partnership with Edinburgh LiFi giant pureLiFi, has provided LiFi with a brand new home in London.

Four LiFi luminaires spanning about one-third of a 1,200 ft2 co-working and personal desk, were mounted on IOP’s new accelerator center, demonstrating the power of LiFi.

The Accelerator lends registered members specially-equipped laptops. pureLiFi has fitted USB laptop dongles to allow two-way Internet connectivity with LED lamps that arrived from Lucibel, a pureLiFi partner based in Barentin, France.

LiFi uses light emitted from LED lights to transmit information and access the internet. In contrast, WiFi uses radio waves, which is much more limited in terms of available frequencies. As a disruptive technology, IOP Head of Science Anne Crean cites the technology as a potential game changer with its ability to provide spectrum relief and prevent the looming spectrum crunch.

“We’re all so connected now using the internet and downstreaming videos that there’s going to be a big data crunch soon and not enough bandwidth for WiFi to work,” Crean says. “That’s why we’re moving out into different frequencies such as light.”

LiFi is also considered more secure since light waves do not disperse. Instead, it focuses beams of light toward special equipment that can receive and process light signals.

“Security-wise, you can’t tap into it,” the head of science added. “WiFi leaks through the wall because it uses radio frequency but light doesn’t – it’s very much a bidirectional communication so secret, spies can’t tap in!”

Institute of Physics’ Accelerator Center

The unveiling of the new IOP Accelerator Center will be done on the International Day of Light. IOP’s project partner, pureLiFi, will be present at the unveiling.

pureLiFi is a groundbreaking company dedicated to the research of LiFi and transparent technology for visual interaction. It seeks to address the worldwide fight to decrease the spectrum crunch wireless ability. 

The business develops and offers software for secure, reliable, high-speed communications networks which incorporate information and heating infrastructure and reduce power consumption considerably.

As part of the festivities, Prof. Harald Haas will give an inaugural physics innovation talk aimed at helping researchers, potential users, and potential innovators to gain a better understanding of LiFi technology and help them take the tech to market.

During his inaugural talk, Haas is expected to speak about the challenges of establishing a business in the UK with only a few researches in the lab and transforming that business to the powerhouse it is today. He will also talk about the fundamental advantages of LiFi and explain how it can transform the entire landscape of technology.

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