Signify to launch LiFi luminaires before the end of the year

Oct 20, 2018

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, has announched that it plans to start selling LED luminaires equipped with LiFi technology before the end of the year. Luminaires are complete lighting units consisting of one or more electric lamps with all of the necessary parts and wiring. With Signify, luminaires can not only provide lighting, but also a stable and fast two-way broadband connection. Signify Benelux CEO told Elsevier the company will initially focus on the business market and on business applications.

Signify is focusing more and more on developing LiFi products. “LiFi has enormous potential for today’s digital age and as the world’s leading lighting company we are proud to pioneer new and innovative services for our customers,” said Olivia Qiu, Chief Innovation Officer, Philips Lighting.

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