Signify acquires Firefly

Feb 1, 2019

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) acquired Firefly, a LiFi company with offices in San Diego and Germany.

According to EdisonReport, the transaction has already occurred. Firefly is the second LiFi company that has been acquired by Signify. In February of 2017, Signify already acquired Luciom, a France-based light communications company.

EdisonReport spoke to Elco van Groningen, the Signify Senior Office Press Manager, who explained, “We want to be the lighting company in IoT so the expertise from Firefly LiFi will help accelerate our developments. It was a very strategic acquisition.”

Elco van Groningen sent an email to EdisonReport with the following statement:

“Signify’s strategy is to focus on lighting products, systems and services and connected LED lighting the aiming to become the leading lighting company in the Internet of Things.

The acquisition of Firefly’s technology is in line with this strategy. It will allow us to complement and strengthen our expertise and accelerate our LiFi innovations.

Signify has acquired Firefly’s assets related to LiFi, including a small number of its employees. The transaction was completed on December 17, 2018. Financial details were not disclosed.”

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