LiFi Tech Startup pureLiFi to Supply Mobile Market with LiFi Components; Receives $18 Million in Funding

Nov 12, 2019

Edinburgh-based tech startup pureLiFi has successfully raised $18 million (£14 million) in funding. The came from an announcement made by the LiFi startup after the company successfully secured funding from numerous investors.

Temasek, an investment company with headquarters in Singapore, and the Scottish Investment Bank were among the main parties that participated in the funding round. With the newly-secured funds, pureLiFi plans to continue its research and seek to further develop miniaturized LiFi components and penetrate the mobile device market. 

Speaking about the announcement, pureLiFi CEO Alistari Banham said: “Device manufacturers are looking for new ways to provide devices with faster, more reliable, and secure connectivity. LiFi is the natural next step in the evolution of global wireless communications and pureLiFi is leading the way to provide this technology to the market.”

“Our investors believe in our team and our strategy to provide LiFi for every light and every device, and we have the products to support mobile device integration of LiFi,” Banham added.

As one of the pioneers in the LiFi industry, pureLiFi has been building partnerships with different companies in order to bring its dream of making LiFi available to the public a reality. The newly-found partnership has opened the doors for pureLiFi to successfully produce LiFi devices that can be used at the consumer level.

Professor Harald Haas, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at pureLiFi could not have been more pleased about the announcemet. Commenting about the newly-formed partnerships, Haas said: “After more than a decade of persistent and systematic development of key technologies for wireless communications using light and the demonstration of the almost unlimited capabilities of LiFi for secure gigabit wireless connectivity for many use cases such as machine-to-machine communication.

“We are now at the precipice of a watershed moment for LiFi,” Haas added. “I am absolutely delighted that we are now empowered to get the LiFi mass market avalanche in motion!”

LiFi is a type of optical network similar to Visible Light Communications (VLC). It uses visible light as a medium for data transmission. LED light bulbs are outfitted with a special chip that controls the modulation of the bulb in order to produce and transmit data. 

LiFi’s use of visible light as a transfer medium creates great possibilities for network and data connections. It combines overhead illumination and network connectivity, which improves its energy efficiency. Additionally, it is safer and far more secure than radio waves, creating applications in high risk areas.

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