LiFi Stocks: How to Invest in LiFi Technology

Dec 17, 2021

Update 2024: if you’re interested in investing in LiFi technology, check our latest investor opportunities.


The world is going digital—and there’s no going back. But there’s this thing called “spectrum crunch.” It predicts that the demand for data will outweigh the supply in the future. The radio frequency spectrum, which fuels all wireless communication like WiFi, isn’t infinite, after all.

This is where LiFi shines in. It’s a visible light communication (VLC) system that sends and receives digital signals through light. In just one flick of a switch, you can be connected to the world. LiFi also offers advantages over WiFi and cellular data. It comes with revolutionary speed and efficiency and enhanced availability. It’s no wonder that the LiFi market is continuously growing, with more and more companies investing in LiFi technology.

LiFi Market—What Do We Know Right Now?

Valued at USD143 million in 2019, the LiFi market is projected to grow to USD3.52 billion by 2025. The LiFi technology can unlock the potential of IoT or the Internet of Things and drive the rise of Industry 4.0 applications and the birth of “smarter” products on the market. That’s why some companies are trying their hand at developing their own LiFi products. Others even acquire startups that are working on the technology. Still, several first-movers currently dominate the market. These major LiFi companies include pureLiFi, Oledcomm, and Signify.

But what about if you’re an individual who wants to invest in LiFi? Can you buy LiFi stocks? What else can you do to capitalize on this technology not only as a user but an investor?

How to Invest in LiFi Technology

To date, only a few LiFi companies are publicly traded. Still, there are several ways to invest in these companies and help fund the development of LiFi and be part of a digital revolution.

  • Invest in stocks of publicly held LiFi companies.

Signify is one of the few LiFi companies that have already gone public. It is based in the Netherlands and has been one of the world’s best innovators in the lighting industry. You can buy Signify stocks through Euronext Amsterdam. To date, the stock costs USD45 per share.

You can also choose good publicly traded companies that have acquired a startup LiFi company. For instance, LIFX was acquired by Buddy Technologies in Australia. In 2017, the Dutch lighting giant Philips acquired Luciom, another first-mover company in the LiFi market.

  • Be an angel investor.

Many angel investors are funding several LiFi companies, including pureLiFi and Velmenni. So if you’re eyeing a particular LiFi company, consider investing in them as an angel investor or by joining an angel investor group. As an angel investor, you can provide them with capital in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. With the potential of the LiFi market, it can be a smart move to fund small companies trying to break into the market.

  • Start an accelerator/incubator firm.

The primary role of accelerator or incubator firms is to help startups at the initial stage of business. They provide startups with resources (offices, machines, etc.), access to industry mentors, and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs. More importantly, most of these firms provide seed money to help startups get through the survival stage. Consider starting a similar company if you want to invest in LiFi technology as early as possible.

For instance, one of pureLiFi’s private investors is Plug and Play Tech Center. It’s an accelerator firm based in California that invests in startups across the globe. It accommodates startups in different stages and multiple industries, including technology.

Take the First-Mover Advantage

Many believe that LiFi is the answer to the spectrum crunch—to our digital future. So it’s crucial to develop a technology that can support the growing demand for data and internet connection. And you have the opportunity to be part of this digital revolution by investing in LiFi today.

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