LiFi in Offices: What Are The Benefits?

Apr 26, 2022

The Internet of Things or IoT paints a wonderful picture of the future of the workplace. Imagine having your laptop or car exchange data with the office refrigerator or lights in real-time. But how will the already overstretched WiFi and other mobile data networks cope with over 30 billion connected IoT devices by 2025? This is where LiFi for offices steps in.


The Immense Potential of LiFi in the Office

LiFi or Light Fidelity is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system that transmits wireless internet communications at ultra-fast speeds. The LiFi technology makes LED lights, like those LED light bulbs in the office, emit pulses that allow data to travel to and from receivers. In other words, LiFi can transform every LED light in the workplace into secure & high-speed internet access points to provide immersive connectivity in every corner of the office building.

LiFi is not meant to replace your WiFi network in the office. Rather, it’s a good technology that can supplement your company’s existing wireless connections and keep IoT devices connected, so all the departments can run their day-to-day digital operations efficiently.


The Multiple Benefits of LiFi in Offices

LiFi is still a developing VLC technology, but it offers multiple benefits that workplaces worldwide can now reap. Here are some of them:

  • Ultra-fast speed:LiFi companies say that LiFi can be faster than the typical office WiFi networks—it can go over 100 Gbps. That’s 14 times faster than WiGig, which is currently the fastest WiFi on the planet. That can help keep online team communication flawless and reduce the costs often spent to increase bandwidth in office networks.
  • Efficient signal range: Compared to WiFi’s radio frequency signals, LED bulbs’ signal range are shorter. LiFi signals also don’t pass through walls. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to slow internet speed. Even if you’re far away from a light source, you can still be connected as LiFi also sends and receives data through light reflections. As long as your office has multiple light sources, LiFi would work there.
  • Constant internet connection: Since LiFi relies on light sources, employees can enjoy constant internet connection—wherever they are in the building. They can take a Zoom call and move from one room to another without that call being interrupted. They can even go to the usual wireless dead spots, like the basement, without worrying whether they would lose their internet connection and disrupt their work.
  • Better data security: LiFi’s shorter signal range is not a flaw but rather an advantage in keeping company data secure. If employees dealing with confidential information connect to the LiFi network instead of the office WiFi, they can benefit from reduced instances of data breaches and other common cybersecurity issues.
  • Improved bandwidth control: With LiFi, organizations can have better control over their internet bandwidth. For instance, they can designate overhead lighting to provide internet access to the guest network. Then, they can assign desk lamps to grant online access (and specific access rights) to specific teams or office areas.
  • Low-light connectivity: LiFi doesn’t only rely on a single line of sight. It also works as long as there are light reflections. It can still work even if the lights are dimmed. So if you need to dim the lighting for a slide presentation on a projected screen in the conference room, employees don’t have to fret about losing their internet connection.


LiFi: A Real Game-Changer for Today’s Offices

In 2018, one LiFi brand started testing LiFi in the offices of a company in France. There were some kinks they needed to work out, as computers and devices back then didn’t have a built-in tech to access LiFi. But it was a monumental phase for bringing LiFi to the office.

A year after, the company that took over the brand mentioned above updated its list of offerings with a new range of industrial and office LiFi lighting for organizations looking for secure & reliable wireless network connectivity. It was a huge step in LiFi development.

Now, there are a lot of LiFi products available on the market. These include intuitive LiFi products designed specifically to empower today’s offices and those who work from home. With the growing collection of LiFi brands and products, it’ll be no surprise if more workplaces adopt LiFi networks to meet their existing connectivity requirements while preparing their organizations for the future. So far, LiFi is the best option to prep for IoT.

You can hop on the bandwagon, too. Whether you own a startup or run multiple offices, give LiFi a try—and be part of the wireless revolution. Start browsing our LiFi products today.

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