Infinity LiFi X – a new LiFi system

Jan 31, 2019

Infinity Technology Services, a Hong Kong-based LiFi company, has recently released Infinity LiFi X, which is a LiFi system that can transmit data of up to 150 Gbps. The company was established in 2015 and provides lighting and wireless communication solutions.

Mr. Chang Huang, CEO of Infinity Technology Services, said: “We have created Infinity LiFi X transmitters which can be installed through lighting products such as lamps, ceiling lighting, etc, providing a stable connection up to 220Gbps for up to 100 people simultaneously.“

With LiFi receivers one Infinity LiFi X bulb can transmit data via invisible light over a 50 square meter space, ideal for small conference rooms or offices.

Learn more about Infinity LiFi X at the website of Infinity Technology Services.

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