French access control startup debuts LiFi smart lock

Dec 13, 2018

A France-based control access systems startup named HAVR has created the BrightLock, the first smart lock that connects through LiFi.

This smart lock with LiFi enables users to unlock their doors with the light from their smartphones. Unlike most smart locks, which are often plagued by wavelength interferences, light signals are more secure than common radio-frequencies. Users will only have to flash their phone to unlock their doors, as opposed to entering a passcode. In addition, users can share access with whoever they want for specific or unlimited periods of time.

At the moment, the BrightLock can only be pre-ordered on the HAVR website, but it is expected that the product will be available in retail stores across Europe by August. The lock is compatible with European cylinders, used in both Europe and Asia.

Read the full story here.

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