LiFiNET® / GEOLiFi® Street Lighting with TECHNILUM

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OLEDCOMM links up with urban lighting specialist TECHNILUM for a smart infrastructure project that aims to transform street lighting into LiFi luminaires and become beacons for greater connectivity. TECHNILUM luminaires are outfitted with LiFiNET® kits to enable LiFi connectivity and GEOLiFi® kits for geolocalized services.

Technical characteristics:

  • Comes in 3000K and 4000K capacity for each light bulb.
  • Bulb brightness set at 24 to 72 W
  • LiFiNET® equipped: Compliant with Windows, MAC OS, and Linux with type A USB port
  • GEOLiFi® equipped: Compliant with Android and iOS systems

Product created by Oledcomm

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