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Why We Need LiFi Technology

Why We Need LiFi Technology

Our modern lives aren’t complete without the internet. Most of us need to be online to work, study, shop, make business deals, connect with loved ones, or simply get entertained. Our internet use has even increased in the past year, as we live through a global...

What Exactly Are the Benefits of LiFi?

What Exactly Are the Benefits of LiFi?

Imagine coming home after a busy day. You immediately go down to the basement to watch your favorite Netflix series in your DIY home theater. It’s usually a wireless dead spot. Still, there’s no need to worry. All you need to do is switch the light on, and you can...

Signify Launches Trulifi, Its Newest LiFi System

Signify Launches Trulifi, Its Newest LiFi System

Signify, the new brand name of illumination powerhouse Philips Lighting, has recently announced the launching of its new LiFi system called Trulifi. The Trulifi system makes use of Philips signature lighting systems as its main light source. An optical wireless...

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Latest LiFi news

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