LiFiCare® LiFi Lamp for Hospitals

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The LiFiCare® LiFi Lamp is the first LiFi device built specifically for hospitals. It places safety and security above all else as it aims to deliver high-speed connectivity straight to patients’ hospital beds without using radio waves. The LiFiCare® LiFi Lamp also provides medical personnel with the ability to access patient medical records in real-time. Each lamp comes with its own unique identifier, making medical equipment, especially those that are shared, easier to track.

With LiFiCare® LiFi Lamp:

  • Patients can safely and more easily pass the time with a fast internet connection right by their bedside.
  • Medical professionals gain access to real-time information about patients’ medical condition for accurate and timely monitoring.
  • Hospitals are transformed into a safer environment, free from radio wave emissions.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum illumination capacity at 7 W (equivalent to 50 W halogen bulbs)
  • 4500 light intensity
  • 900 lumens of luminous capacity
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and MAC systems with type A USB port

Product created by Oledcomm.

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