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The HALO™ solution of ZERO1 allows to respond to the challenges of trade, sales and customer or user relations in a wide variety of sectors. The architecture of HALO™ is economical and our modular or 100% integrated solution fits perfectly into your existing operations.
It adapts to all the needs of the different B2B or B2B2C markets and offers an unprecedented digital experience.
ZERO1’s HALO™ can be used for a broad range of applications, ranging from being a simple application to the use of highly interactive and cutting-edge executions.
The communication flow is one-way from the lamp to the consumer smartphone.
This strategy is already in place and allows both ultra-precise geo-mapping services AND push geo-localized and contextualized information.

It consists of a base and options:
Modem HALO™: The electronic card modulates the LED light at very high frequency – invisible to the naked eye – and transmits information digitally. It connects to the existing light source.
SDK/API: Software Development compatible with IOS and Android for the camera decoding of the OCC to integrate in your mobile application

As an option
Platform web FOCCAL™ to manage and distribute content for distribution
Mapping for localization and internal guidance to points of interest.
OCCDataWare web platform for Collection / Centralisation / Analysis / Monitoring of detection data

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